The Arctic Plant Aboveground Biomass Synthesis Dataset

Berner L.T., Orndahl K.M., Rose M., Tamstorf M., Arndal M.F., Alexander H.D., Humphreys E.R., Loranty M.M., Ludwig S.M., Nyman J., Juutinen S., Aurela M., Happonen K., Mikola J., Mack M.C., Vankoughnett M.R., Iversen C.M., Salmon V.G., Yang D., Kumar J., Grogan P., Danby R.K., Scott N.A., Olofsson J., Siewert M.B., Deschamps L., Lévesque E., Maire V., Morneault A., Gauthier G., Gignac C., Boudreau S., Gaspard A., Kholodov A., Bret-Harte M.S., Greaves H.E., Walker D., Gregory F.M., Michelsen A., Kumpula T., Villoslada M., Ylänne H., Luoto M., Virtanen T., Forbes B.C., Hölzel N., Epstein H., Heim R.J., Bunn A,, Holmes R.M., Hung J.K.Y., Natali S.M., Virkkala A.-M. & Goetz S.J.
Scientific Data
11: 305 [13 p.]
Plant biomass is a fundamental ecosystem attribute that is sensitive to rapid climatic changes occurring in the Arctic. Nevertheless, measuring plant biomass in the Arctic is logistically challenging and resource intensive. Lack of accessible field data hinders efforts to understand the amount, composition, distribution, and changes in plant biomass in these northern ecosystems. Here, we present The Arctic plant aboveground biomass synthesis dataset, which includes field measurements of lichen, bryophyte, herb, shrub, and/or tree aboveground biomass (g m−2) on 2,327 sample plots from 636 field sites in seven countries. We created the synthesis dataset by assembling and harmonizing 32 individual datasets. Aboveground biomass was primarily quantified by harvesting sample plots during mid- to late-summer, though tree and often tall shrub biomass were quantified using surveys and allometric models. Each biomass measurement is associated with metadata including sample date, location, method, data source, and other information. This unique dataset can be leveraged to monitor, map, and model plant biomass across the rapidly warming Arctic.
Tuesday, 02 April 2024 18:28