Lichenized Ascomycota from the Pantanal in Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil

Canêz L.S., Koch N.M., Barbosa T.D., Kitaura M.J., Spielmann A.A., Honda N.K., Jungbluth P., Gerlach A., Lücking R. & Aptroot A.
In: Damasceno-Junior G.A. & Pott A. (eds.), Flora and Vegetation of the Pantanal Wetland, Plant and Vegetation 18
p. 315–363, Springer, Cham
Chapter in book; Brazil; Fellhanera vulgata (Malme) Lücking comb. nov.; Porina cryptostomoides Lücking, Aptroot & Spielmann nom. nov. 119 taxa were previously reported in the literature as occurring in the Pantanal. These previous data combined with the species reported by us sum up to a total of 165 taxa including four infraspecifc taxa; thus, 46 new taxa were added to the list of lichen fungi known from the Pantanal. The previously reported taxa are not explicitly treated below, except the new combination Fellhanera vulgata and the new replacement name Porina cryptostomoides. Opegrapha rissoensis Redinger is a new record for Brazil, Agonimia Zahlbr., Crypthonia Frisch & G. Thor, Marcelaria Aptroot, M.P. Nelsen & Parnmen and Neoprotoparmelia Garima Singh, Lumbsch & I. Schmitt are genera newly reported for Mato Grosso do Sul state (●), and 12 species are reported to occur in Mato Grosso do Sul for the frst time (*). These include Parmotrema confusum Hale, reported before only from Mato Grosso state, P. soredioaliphaticum Estrabou & Adler, cited only for Rio Grande do Sul state, and Peltula auriculata, which was previously reported to Roraima state (Schultz and Aptroot 2008).
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