Хусан ойн амьдрах орчны доройтлыг хагийн төрөл зүйлээр илэрхийлэх асуудалд (Төв аймаг, Батсүмбэр сум, Шатан өртөө, Өвгөнт уулын ойн жишээн дээр) [Identification of the degradation of birch forests habitats by lichen species: (On the example of the mountain forest Ubugunt at the station Shatan Batsumber Sumona, Central aimag)]

Энхтуяа О. & Жавхлан С. [Enkhtuya O. & Javkhlan S.]
Монголын ботаникийн сэтгүүл [Mongolian Journal of Botany]
4(30): 11–23
[in Mongolian with English abstract: ] A study was conducted to determine the degradation of birch forest habitats by epiphytic lichens. As a result of research in the birch forest at the station Shatan somone Batsumbera of the Central aimag, 17 species of epiphytic lichens from 4 families and 13 genera were registered. The forest point was chosen as an example of a site with a change of primary vegetation type of larch forests from the forest of the steppe area of West Kentei. In terms of the number and diversity of species in point-of-forest studies, the number of species at the edge of the forest has decreased relative to the depth of the forest. In terms of species cover, 75% of the total species cover is Melanelia olivacea (45.8%), Physcia aipolia (18.2) and Evernia mesomorpha (11.5). At the same time we noted that the number of species and their diversity depends on the diameter of the tree trunk and the number of stumps, fallen and rotten trees. To determine the factors influencing species richness and distribution, a comparison was made between the number of stumps (large amounts of wood harvested in the forest) and the amount of manure residues (used for grazing) in the forest habitat. As a result, it has been established that the most important factor is the manifestation of the «edge effect» in the forest as a human factor. Thus, the decline in lichen species due to the loss of habitat diversity in birch forests indicates а increase in the degradation of birch forest habitats. Keywords: lichen species, edge forest, habitats, stumps, manure residues
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