Contributions to the knowledge of lichenicolous fungi growing on Pannariaceae, including four new species and an identification key

Zhurbenko M.P.
36(1): 131–160
Four species of lichenicolous fungi are described as new to science: Capronia marginalis (on Psoroma pallidum), with large perithecia, up to 250 μm diam., short and inconspicuous setae, a hemiamyloid hymenial gel, and light greyish orange, (0 –)3-septate ascospores with rather acute ends; Cladophialophora novozhilovii (on Psoroma hypnorum), with loose, light grey sporodochia, up to 530 μm diam., and light grey-brown, often slightly angular, 0(–1)-septate conidia; Lichenochora alaskana (on Fuscopannaria viridescens and Psoroma hypnorum), with 2(– 4)-spored asci, and (0 –)1(–2)-septate, long ascospores; and Zwackhiomyces errinundrensis (on Pannaria microphyllizans), with small perithecia, 70 –150 μm diam., without radial fissures around the ostiole, 4 -spored asci, and ascospores without a distinct perispore. The morphological differences between genera Lichenochora and Rhagadostoma are discussed. Perforations in the excipular cell walls of Lichenochora species are illustrated and compared to Munk pores. Two potentially new species, Capronia sp. 1 (on Psoroma paleaceum) and Ovicuculispora cf. parmeliae (on Psoroma pallidum) are characterised and discussed. Broader species concepts for Lichenochora coppinsii s. lat. and L. lepidiotae s. lat. are proposed. Fuscopannaria is a new host genus for Lichenochora coppinsii s. lat., Psoroma is a new host genus for L. lepidiotae s. lat. and Xenonectriella protopannariae. The possible synonymy of Xenonectriella protopannariae and X. rosea is discussed. Dacampia leptogiicola is newly reported for Macaronesia on a new host (Pectenia), and Opegrapha invadens is newly reported for New Zealand on a new host (Psoroma). A key to 80 species of lichenicolous fungi and three species of lichenicolous lichens known to occur on Pannariaceae is provided. Key words: biogeography, ecology, lichen-dwelling fungi, taxonomy.
Sunday, 06 August 2023 16:05