First records of Anema nodulosum, A. tumidulum, and Pyrenocarpon thelostomum (Lichinales, Lichinaceae) in Ukraine and a contribution to Collematetea cristati communities

Khodosovtsev A. & Kuzemko A.
Український ботанічний журнал [Ukrainian Botanical Journal]
80(1): 98–107
Three new for Ukraine species, Anema tumidulum, A. nodulosum, and Pyrenocarpon thelostomum (Lichinales, Lichinaceae), are reported. They were found in the Dnister Canyon, on the S and W exposed cliff surfaces where water tracks formed 'a black zone' of the Collematetea cristati class. Other species forming these communities are Anema decipiens, Psorotichia schaereri, Peccania coralloides, Thallinocarpon nigritellum, Thyrea confusa, and Verrucaria nigrescens s. l. The analyzed dataset included three relevés from the Dnister cliff, as well as 14 relevés from literature sources: seven relevés of Peccanio coralloidis-Thyreetum pulvinatae recorded from Poland, and seven relevés of Thyrea nigritella-Anema moedlingense comm. from the Czech Republic. These data were analyzed in JUICE software. All analyzed relevés were separated in two clusters. Three relevés from Dnister Canyon fell into the same cluster with Thyrea nigritella – Anema moelingensis comm. provided by Wirth in 1972. We consider these communities as a new association Thallinocarpo nigritelli-Anemum tumidulae. Diagnostic species of the association are Thallinocarpon nigritellum, Anema tumidulum, Staurothele frustulenta, and Anema nodulosum. The lectotype of Peccanio coralloidis-Thyreetum pulvinatae has been proposed, with diagnostic species Enchylium polycarpon, Leproplaca cirrochroa, Placidium rufescens, Placynthium nigrum, Toninia candida, and Synalissa symphorea. These associations belong to the Peccanion coralloidis alliance and differ by their ecological preferences. The association Peccanio coralloidis-Thyreetum pulvinatae represents the nomenclatural type of the alliance and includes communities on the vertical exposed limestone surfaces in water tracks. The Thallinocarpo nigritelli-Anemum tumidulae association occupies similar habitats but in the xeric geollitoral zone along river banks. The alliance Peccanion coralloidis and order Collematetalia cristati are reported from Ukraine for the first time. Keywords: cliff, Dnister Canyon, lichen communities, limestone, Peccanion coralloidis, syntaxonomy, water tracks.
Friday, 21 April 2023 09:52