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藤川福二郎, 平井邦夫, 平山晃久, 豊田 武, 浦崎三智子, 高川美智子, 福田雅代, 森谷京子, 友池早苗, 原田裕子, 的場千代子 & 京都薬科大学 [Fujikawa F., Hirai K., Hirayama T., Toyota T., Urasaki M., Takagawa M., Fukuda M., Moritani K., Tomoike S., Harada H. & Matata C.] (1972): 邦産地衣類中の遊離アミノ酸について(第2報) [On the Free Amino Acids in Lichens of Japan. II] - 蕚 纛 箋 議 [Yakugaku Zasshi], 92(7): 823-827

In continuation of the preceding work, content of free amino acids in 28 kinds of domestic lichens was determined by the amino acid autoanalyzer (Hitachi Model KLA-2) and total nitrogen by the semimicro-Kjeldahl method. The lichens examined in the present series contained from 11 to 17 kinds of amino acid. In a total of 103 kinds of lichens examined in the previous (75) and present (28) series, content of alanine and glutamic acid was generally larger than that of other amino acids. The lichens that … EndNote Read more... 

藤川福二郎, 平山晃久, 平井邦夫, 中村 美智子, 高垣 由紀子, 元田 陽子, 向仲 寿子, 伊藤 和子, 松居 玲子 & 藤沢 美江 [Fujikawa F., Hirayama T., Mori T., Nakamura M., Takagaki Y., Motoda Y., Mukainaka H., Ito K., Matsai R. & Fujisawa M.] (1973): 邦産地衣類中の遊離アミノ酸について(第3報) [On the Free Amino Acids in Lichens of Japan. III] - 蕚 纛 箋 議 [Yakugaku Zasshi], 93(12): 1558-1563

Total nitrogen and amino acids were determined in 44 kinds of Japanese lichens ; the former by the semimicro-Kjeldahl method and the latter by amino acid analyzer (Hitachi Model KLA-2). The number of amino acids detected in these lichens was 10 at the minimun and 20 at the maximum. As in the previous work, content of alanine and glutamic acid was larger than those of other amino acids in the present 44 kinds of lichens ; those containing more than 100μmole/100g of lichen being ca. 40.91% for alanine … EndNote Read more... 

阿不都拉.阿巴斯, 拉扎提.努尔太, 库丽娜孜.沙合达提 & Mukhidinov N. [Abbas A., Nurtai L., Sahedat G. & Mukhidinov N.] (2015): 采自哈纳斯的中国地衣新记录属 [A new record of lichen genus from Kanas, China] - 植物分类与资源学报 [Plant Diversity Resources], 37(4): 423-424

[in Chinese with English abstract:] A lichen genus, Placynthiella, new to China is reported from Kanas, and a new record of species to China, P. oligotropha is described in detail. The morphological, anatomical and chemical description of this species were given. Photos of the thallus, apothecia, asci and ascospores were also provided. EndNote Read more... 

艾尼瓦尔·吐米尔 阿不都拉·阿巴斯 [Tumur A. & Abbas A.] (2015): 阿尔泰山两河源自然保护区森林生态系统朽木生地衣群落的 数量分类 [Quantitative classification of dead wood dwelling lichen communities on Altay Two River Sources National Nature Reserve in Xinjiang] - Mycosystema, 34(3): 357‐365

[in Chinese with English abstract:] The community structure and species diversity of the dead wood dwelling lichens in forest ecosystem of Altay Two River Sources National Natural Reserve were studied using two‐way indicator species analysis and detrended correspondence analysis methods. The relation between the lichen species distribution pattern and environmental factors were analyzed according to canonical correspondence analysis results. Forty‐three dead wood dwelling lichens species belonging … EndNote Read more... 

陈健斌 邓红 [Chen J.-B. & Deng H.] (2011): 魏江春院士及其学术生涯概略 [Academic career of Professor J.C. Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences] - Mycosystema, 30(6): [i-v; not paginated]

[In Chinese] anniversary; Wei. EndNote Read more... 

王晓华 师广波 贾泽峰 [Wang X.-H., Shi G.-B. & Jia Z.-F.] (2013): 黑文衣属地衣一新种——福建黑文衣 [Phaeographis fujianensis, a new species of lichen] - Mycosystema, 32(1): 128-130

[in Chinese with English abstract:] A new lichen species Phaeographis fujianensis is described in the present paper. It can be distinguished from other taxa by its relatively small ascospores. It contains only stictic acid. Latin diagnosis, Chinese description and discussion together with photographs are given. Key words: Graphidaceae, taxonomy, China. EndNote Read more... 

吴园园, 高静, 赵润康, 陈庆芝, 柳燕云, 张佳林, 刘晓迪, 康志娟, 刘爱琴, 刘华杰 [Wu Y.-Y., Gao J., Zhao R.-K., Chen Q.-Z., Liu Y.-Y., Zhang J.-L., Liu X.-D., Kang Z.-J., Liu A.-Q. & Liu H.-J.] (2020): 黑龙江呼中自然保护区高山珊瑚枝假果柄不同部位的元素组成 [Element compositions in different parts of pseudopodetia of Stereocaulon alpinum from Huzhong Natural Reserve, Heilongjiang, China] - 生命科学研究灾 [Life Science Research], 24(1): 39–46

[in Chinese with English abstract: ] Lichen element compositions are a reliable and effective tool for biomonitoring atmospheric element deposition. The lichen age effect is one of the important factors influencing lichen element concentrations. However, this effect is not fully understood for terricolous fruticose lichens. Herein, samples of a fruticose lichen Stereocaulon alpinum from a remote site of Huzhong Natural Reserve, Greater Khingan Mountains of Heilongjiang Province were collected. … EndNote Read more... 

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