The Lichenicolous Heterobasidiomycetes

Diederich P.
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, 61, J. Cramer, Berlin, Stuttgart
198 pp
Basidiomycetes, Biatoropsis, Chionosphaera, Cystobasidium, galls, Heterobasidiomycetes, Homobasidiomycetes, lichenicolous, Syzygospora, Tremella. 122 fig. [Although the first lichenicolous heterobasidiomycetes were recognized only about ten years ago, this first treatment already includes 54 species: Biatoropsis (1 sp.), Chionosphaera (2 spp.), Cystobasidium (2 spp.), Syzygospora (3 spp.), and Tremella (46 spp.). New: Cystobasidium hypogymniicola Diederich & Ahti sp. nov. (Canada, Finland), C. usneicola Diederich & Alstrup sp. nov. (Canada), Syzygospora bachmannii Diederich & M. S. Christ. sp. nov. (Europe, Madeira, Canada, Papua New Guinea, on Cladina and Cladonia), S. parmeliicola sp. nov. (Costa Rica, on Hypotrachyna and Canoparmelia), S. physciacearum sp. nov. (Europe, Africa, Canada, U.S.A., Ecuador, Papua New Guinea on Heterodermia, Physcia, or Physconia), Tremella candelariellae Diederich & Etayo sp. nov. (Luxembourg, Spain), T. cephalodiicola sp. nov. (Papua New Guinea, on Psoroma pannarioides), T. cetrariicola Diederich & Coppins sp. nov. (Scotland, Sweden, Canary Islands, Canada, U.S.A., on Cetraria and Tuckermannopsis), T. christiansenii sp. nov. (Denmark, Austria, on Physcia), T. cladoniae Diederich & M. S. Christ. sp. nov. (Europe, Papua New Guinea, Florida), T. coccocarpiae sp. nov. (Philippines), T. dendrographae Diederich & tehler sp. nov. (California, Mexico), T. everniae sp. nov. (Canada, China), T. graphidastrae sp. nov. (Papua New Guinea), T. haematommatis sp. nov. (Louisiana, Florida), T. harrisii sp. nov. (Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, on Polymeridium and Trypethelium), T. hypocenomycis sp. nov. (Finland), T. hypogymniae Diederich & M. S. Christ. sp. nov. (Europe, Canary Islands, Canada), T. leptogii sp. nov. (Peru), T. lobariacearum Diederich & M. S. Christ. (France, Canary Islands, Madeira, Ile de la Réunion, Bolivia, Ecuador, Asia, on Lobaria and Pseudocyphellaria), T. macroceratis Diederich & Hafellner sp. nov. (Norway, on Cladonia), T. microcarpa sp. nov. (Papua New Guinea, on sterile crust), T. monospora sp. nov. (Peru, on Leptogium), T. montis-wilhelmii sp. nov. (Papua New Guinea, on unidentified squamules), T. nephromatis sp. nov. (British Columbia), T. normandinae sp. nov. (Hawaii, Great Britain), T. papuana sp. nov. (Papua New Guinea, on Hypogymnia pseudobitteriana), T. parmeliarum sp. nov. (Portugal, Africa, U.S.A., Mexico, South America, Asia, on Parmotrema and Rimelia), T. parmeliellae Diederich & Sérusiaux sp. nov. (Papua New Guinea), T. pertusariae sp. nov. (Europe, Mexico, U.S.A.), T. phaeographidis Diederich, Coppins & Bandoni sp. nov. (Great Britain, Thailand), T. phaeographinae Diederich & Aptroot sp. nov. (Florida), T. phaeophysciae Diederich & M. S. Christ. sp. nov. (Europe, on Phaeophyscia orbicularis), T. protoparmeliae Diederich & Coppins sp. nov. (Great Britain), T. psoroglaenae sp. nov. (Papua New Guinea), T. psoromicola sp. nov. (Chile), T. ramalinae sp. nov. (Sweden, Mexico), T. rinodinae Diederich & M. S. Christ. sp. nov. (Denmark), T. stictae sp. nov. (Madagascar, Ile de la Réunion, Rwanda), T. sulcariae Diederich & M. S. Christ. sp. nov. (China, Nepal), T. wirthii sp. nov. (Germany, on a sterile crust).]
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