Nephroma bellum (Sprengel) Tuck. та N. laevigatum Ach. (Nephromataceae, Peltigerales) в Україні та їх созологічний статус [Nephroma bellum (Sprengel) Tuck. and N. laevigatum Ach. (Nephromataceae, Peltigerales) and their protected status]

Химич Е.О., Ходосовцев О.Є. & Попова Л.П. [Khymych E.O., Khodosovtsev O.Ye. & Popova L.P.]
Вісті Біосферного заповідника "Асканія-Нова" [Biosphere Reserve "Askania Nova" Reports]
25: 16–21
DOI: 10.53904/1682-2374/2023-25/2
[in Ukrainian with English abstract: ] The authors carried out a critical study of the Nephroma laevigatum (Nephromataceae, Peltigerales) complex on the basis of lichen specimens kept in the herbarium of the M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (KHER). In addition, the materials of lichenological studies in the National Nature Park "Zacharovanyi Krai" (Zakarpattia region, Khust district) were used in the paper. There are two species of the complex in Ukraine as N. bellum (Spreng.) Tuck. and N. laevigatum Ach. The lichens are similar, but differ in the colour of the medulla and its reaction to a 10% KOH solution. Nephroma bellum has a white medulla with a negative reaction to KOH, while N. laevigatum has a yellowish medulla that turns red from a 10% KOH solution. The existence of N. bellum in the Carpathians has been confirmed. It is likely that all 15 historical reports in the first half of the 20th century under the name N. laevigatum auct. refer to N. bellum. Nephroma bellum was last collected in Ukraine by M.F. Makarevych in 1948 (KW). In Ukraine, we recorded N. bellum for the first time in the last 75 years from the National Nature Park "Zacharovany Krai". The existence of N. laevigatum Ach. s. str. in Ukraine is confirmed by a single specimen from Crimea collected in 1950 (KW). Herbarium specimens have not yet confirmed the growth of this species in the Ukrainian Carpathians. According to the IUCN criteria, N. bellum and N. laevigatum in Ukraine are proposed to be "critically endangered" and "regionally extinct", respectively. According to the existing criteria of the Red Data Book of Ukraine, N. bellum and N. laevigatum can be classified as "critically endangered" and "regionally extinct" respectively and proposed for inclusion in its new edition.
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