Padjelanta National Park in Sweden, a lichen diversity heaven

Thor G., Arup U., Frisch A., Grube M., Vicente R. & Westberg M.
Graphis Scripta
35(7): 81–125
Padjelanta National Park is the largest national park in Sweden (198 400 ha) and one of five large national parks in northern Sweden. It mainly includes bare mountain regions. Lichen excursions to Padjelanta were arranged in 2020 and 2021. An excursion has also been organized by the Swedish Lichen Society to the National Park in 2004. Ten species, Arthonia protoparmeliae, Arthonia subclemens, Athallia saxifragarum, Cercidospora decolorella, Merismatium thamnoliicola, Sarcogyne cyclocarpa, S. urceolata, Tremella nephromatis, Verrucaria othmarbreussii and V. oulankaensis are reported as new to Sweden. Arthonia protoparmeliae is also reported new from Norway and this species together with Arthonia subclemens and Tremella nephromatis are also new to Fennoscandia. A further 98 taxa that are earlier reported from Sweden are new to Lule lappmark. An additional two species (Arthonia sp., Rhizocarpon sp.) might represent new species (“known unknowns”). Only six red-listed species have been found according to the Swedish Red List, Gyalidea roseola, Pannaria hookeri, Pectenia plumbea, Peltigera collina, Pyrenula coryli and Rinodina endophragmia. The low number of red-listed species probably reflects that few lichens occurring in the Swedish mountain regions have been properly assessed. The lichen flora is species rich and includes several species rarely reported from Sweden. The phylogenetic position of A. protoparmeliae in Arthoniaceae is demonstrated through Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood analyses of newly generated mtSSU, nrLSU and RPB2 sequence data. The fungal barcode nrITS has been generated for specimens of A. protoparmeliae from Sweden and Norway.
Wednesday, 08 November 2023 10:46