Lichen-associated oribatid mites in the taiga zone of northeast European Russia: taxonomical composition and geographical distribution of species

Melekhina E.N.
15(5): 599 [20 p.]
We examined 35 species of ground and epiphytic lichens, including fruticose, foliose, and crustose lichen, as habitats of oribatid mites. Observations were carried out in the taiga forests of northeast European Russia, and 87 oribatid species from 38 families were found. The Crotoniidae, Carabodidae, Oppiidae, and Suctobelbidae are the most numerous families in ground lichens and the Oribatulidae are in the epiphytes. The families Micreremidae and Licneremaeidae were only noted in epiphytes. A complex of species characteristic of epiphytic lichens as habitats of oribatid mites have been identified, these are Carabodes labyrinthicus, Oribatula (Z.) propinqua, Phauloppia nemoralis, Micreremus brevipes, Licneremaeus licnophorus, Furcoppia (Mexicoppia) dentata, Cymbaeremaeus cymba. Only in epiphytes, rarely, the species were also Jacotella frondeus, Ameronothrus oblongus, Mycobates (Calyptozetes) tridactylus, and Liebstadia humerata. Characteristic for ground lichens are species Trhypochthonius cladonicolus, Carabodes marginatus, Carabodes subarcticus. Often found in both ground and epiphytic lichens are species Eueremaeus oblongus s. str., E. oblongus silvestris, Ceratoppia quadridentata, Adoristes ovatus poppei, Graptoppia (Apograptoppia) foveolata, Suctobelbella acidens duplex, Tectocepheus velatus, Trichoribates berlesei, Chamobates pusillus, Diapterobates oblongus, Oribatula tibialis, Oribatula (Z.) exilis, Scheloribates laevigatus, Neoribates aurantiacus, Pergalumna nervosa. In epiphytic lichens, we observed species that are rare in the North (Oribatula (Z.) frisiae, O. (Z.) propinqua, P. nemoralis, L. licnophorus, F. (M.) dentata, et al.), with some noted in the taiga zone for the first time (J. frondeus). Keywords: Oribatida; taxonomic diversity; distribution; checklist; fruticose lichen; foliose lichen; crustose lichen; ground lichens; epiphytic lichens.
Monday, 08 May 2023 21:35