Дополнение к лихенобиоте Национального Парка «Смоленское Поозерье» (Смоленская область) [Additions to Lichen Biota of Smolensk Lakeland National Park (Smolensk Region)]

Мучник Е.Э., Браславская Т.Ю. & Тихонова Е.В. [Muchnik E.E., Braslavskaya T.Y. & Tikhonova E.V.]
Ученые Записки Петрозаводского Государственного Университета [Uchenye zapiski Petrozavodskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta / Proceedings of Petrozavodsk State University]
8(177): 43–47
[in Russian with English summary: ] Smolensk Lakeland National Park is located in the west of the Central Russian Upland, to the north of the city of Smolensk (Smo- lensk region). At the time of this study, the lichen list of the national park included 138 lichen species, 2 of which are considered doubtful. In the summer of 2017, more than 60 lichen specimens were collected in the process of geobotanical survey on vegetation plots in various plant communities of Smolensk Lakeland National Park. When identifying this collection, about 40 lichen species were determined, including 14 species new to the territory of the National Park, among which 7 were new to the Smolensk region: Cladonia rei, C. symphycarpa, Lecania cyrtellina, Lepraria finkii, Peltigera praetextata, P. rufescens and Meneggazzia terebrata. The last species is rare all over Russia, listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation, and recommended for inclusion into the next edition of the Red Data Book of the Smolensk region. Thus, 150 species of lichens (with 2 more classified as doubtful) are known today in the territory of Smolensk Lakeland National Park. For a more complete identification of the lichen biota of the ter- ritory further research is needed. lichens, lichen biota, rare species, Red Data Book of the Russian Federation, Smolensk Lakeland National Park, Smolensk region
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