Лишайники как индикаторы состояния лесных экосистем Центра европейской России [Lichens as indicators of forest ecosystems in the Center of European Russia]

Мучник Е.Э. [Muchnik E.E.]
Лесотехнический журнал [Lesotekhnicheskii Zhurnal]
3/2015: 65–75
[n Russian wuth English abstract:] Under the new conservation concept of "biologically valuable landscapes" the criteria for selection of lichen species which can be used as indicators of such landscapes are available to discuss. The approach is similar but not identical to the concept of “biologically valuable forests” developed and used in the north-western European part of Russia. Using long term lichenological research in the European Russia (the Central Federal District) as well as fond materials (literature and herbaria) there was a try to find out some indicator species for the biologically valuable forest landscapes indicative for different zones (or subzones) of the researched territory. It was found out that part of the lichen indicator species of the biologically valuable taiga forests go through zone or subzone borders without losing indicative value. However, when moving from the coniferous-broadleaved forests subzone to the forest-steppe zone the amount of such species is currently decreasing. It is suggested to complement these lists with indicator species for the biologically valuable landscapes (here, forest ones). The criteria of selecting the indicator species are determined. The main are high demands to the habitat conditions (stenotopic or not) and confinedness only to oldgrowth and undisturbed forests and bogs as well as old parks. The lists of indicator species for biologically valuable forest landscapes in the coniferous-broadleaved, broadleaved forests subzones and forest-steppe zone of the Central Russia are given. These lists are preliminary, expanding and extension of the zonal research will certainly follow with some alterations – adding or deleting something, in case we find out wider expansion or frequency of one or the other species. Keywords: lichens, biologically valuable landscapes, indicator species of oldgrowth and undisturbed forests, Center of European Russia.
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