Lichenological literature available in PDF

30516  Sørlie R. (2001): Ectomycorrhiza on Salix herbacea L. in the glacier foreland of... 13:12:30
30515  Matthews J. (1987): Vegetation Succession on the Storbreen Glacier Foreland, Jotunheimen, Norway: A... 12:50:58
30514  Matthews J. (1977): A lichenometric test of the 1750 end-moraine hypothesis: Storbreen gletscervorfeld,... 10:25:15
30513  Matthews J. (1974): Families of lichenometric dating curves from the Storbreen glet- schervorfeld,... 10:10:11
30512  Matthews J. (1975): Experiments on the reproducibility and reliability of lichenometric dates, Storbreen... 10:02:35

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